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Pneumatic Engine Controls by Kobelt

Kobelt Pneumatic Control components are the most reliable means of control for marine propulsion packages and deck machinery. Our engineering department has done an excellent job in simplifying designs, by eliminating many moving parts and yet retaining all the essential safeguards for propulsion package timing. The simplicity sign, in conjunction with our selection of materials, makes Kobelt the number one choice for Pneumatic Marine Controls.

Pneumatic Marine Controls lend themselves extremely well for multi-station remote control, interlocks and time delays, automatic load share and automatic load control. Kobelt can also provide all necessary alarms, control-consoles and console-tops for your complete turn-key package. We manufacture all components for any type of pneumatic control system. Best suited for vessels anywhere between 50 to 600 feet (15 to 180m), this control system features a limitless number of control stations. As additional stations do not affect the performance of the control station, the control heads move effortlessly, regardless of the distance or force required.